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True about YOU - Testimonials

"Being involved in a Coaching Programme means you have someone completely neutral to work with who does not pass judgement but who does work with you to create personal strategies to be more successful and at the same time have a better balance in your life.
The best outcome has been a change from just surviving in a Senior Leadership position to a promotion.  I know that my new role will have its professional and personal challenges, but I know now that I am up to it."

Executive Principal 2011


"I started Life Coaching with YOU after a busy and stressful few years that left me at a point where I felt I was just 'going through the motions'.  I was finding it difficult to remember what motivated and inspired me in my personal and work life.  Lyncia was very professional and motivating, and helped me set challenges that really stretched me.  It was very much a journey of self discovery.  I’ve learnt techniques that I’ll be able to continue to apply to my work and personal life. I feel lighter, happier and generally excited about what I’m capable of.  I thoroughly recommend it to everyone – I think it’s probably the best gift you can give yourself."

MS, Marketing Manager


"I found the entire process hugely beneficial. I have already moved a long way forward to achieving the goals I had set and from the course I have been provided with many tools for moving forward in the future.

Lyncia’s approach is very professional, she always listened carefully to what I had to say and never imposed her views on me. She would offer guidance in order to assist me to reach my own decisions and never judged me for my past.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Lyncia’s Life Coaching Course to others.”

JM,  Manager


"I used to feel really confused and overwhelmed by all the things I had to do –or thought I had to do. Since going through a coaching programme with Lyncia I get more done, have more fun doing it and feel a real sense of accomplishment. I have learnt to say “no” to things and to fully commit to what I say yes to. It’s been a real revelation to me, I feel fantastic."

Margie, Busy at home Mum


"Coaching made me think. It’s amazing how "automatic" my decisions had become. Now I think more about options and outcomes and I feel as though the actions I now take are more directed at achieving the outcomes or goals that I set for myself.  I am continuously amazed at the number of options I have to choose from when I stop long enough to think about it. I feel as though I am making quality decisions, not just at work, but in all aspects of my life. It’s fun to realise just how smart you really are. Thinking of Coaching? Don’t think just get hold of Lyncia, you’ll be amazed what you learn about yourself."

SD, Teacher


"I was really skeptical about coaching, and to be honest a bit nervous. I have to say it took me a while to warm up to it. I am so pleased now that I did. I approach life in a different way now, and I have to say it all seems a little easier. Thanks for sticking with me Lyncia, you were great."

FCP, Sales Manager