You Life and Performance
Coaching is committed to
your success.


Working with YOU coaching


In the first session together, your coach is your mentor who will help you to bring a fresh perspective to your unique needs and provide clarity in articulating your vision. Together, with your coach, you will explore all your options, if only to discard some. You will be pushed to think outside the box. Your coach is enthusiastic about your goals and will inspire you to reach for the stars.


Once you have defined your goals your coach becomes your manager, assisting in laying out a plan for your success. Together, you will prioritise tasks for each session as well as prioritise the work that needs to be done between sessions. As your manager, your coach will empower you to take the lead in putting your plan into action.


With your plan in place, your coach now takes on the role of personal trainer. This is not a time to sit back and relax. Your coach will call you to action, keep you motivated and focused, monitor your progress and hold you accountable for accomplishing your tasks and reaching your milestones. The momentum is increased as you are encouraged to push your boundaries. When obstacles appear, together, you and your coach will find solutions and get you back on track.


Success is not what you do, but what you discover in yourself along the way. At this point in the process your coach will challenge you to set new goals and standards for yourself. A coach knows a player’s habits, the obstacles that hold them back and what motivates them. Your coach is mindful of what will impact the thing you want to impact the most and will work with you to concentrate and stay focused on this.

You Life and Performance Coaching is committed to your success. We offer insight into your unique challenges and work with you to come up with tools that help you achieve your goals. Call us on 0274 849 706 or email us at and find out how we can help.