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Why choose YOU

Here’s how Y​OU Coaching can help you.

At YOU we understand that what you think you want may not be what you really want. Our job is to help you develop a self awareness. To stretch and challenge you, to help you come up with a plan to change the way you think about things. We don’t tell you what to do, but work with you to explore all your possibilities.

  • At YOU we can teach you how to overlay an unwanted habit that doesn’t serve you well with a new habit that will.
  • At YOU we will help you realise what was previously unrealisable.
  • If you think you can–you probably can, so we will help you transform your strategies into action.
  • If you think you can’t–we will help you discover why. Maybe it’s not your goal you are trying to achieve but someone else’s. We can help you discover what you want and help you to develop strategies achieve it.

You Life and Performance Coaching is about maximising your performance and Creating positive change in your life. You might benefit from help with:

  • Work performance or non - performance
  • Achieving your Business goals
  • Career transitioning through choice or redundancy
  • Relationship requirements
  • Sports performance
  • Change management
  • Personal goals
  • Preparation for retirement

If you have suffered a crisis in your life it is not uncommon to feel fear or shame. People often feel paralysed, unable to take the next step to move forward. YOU  Coaching can help you turn your inertia into action.