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Right for YOU?

Is coaching for my personal life or work life?

It is for any aspect of life where you want some clarity and focus. Your confidential sessions are non-judgemental. Our aim is to offer support, guidance and encouragement through well placed questions that challenge you and help you decide how to move forward.

Is it counselling?

No. Coaching is all about what the future holds for you. Counselling has a recovery component. If counselling is more appropriate to your needs, your coach will discuss this with you in your introductory session.

Who typically works with a coach?

There is no typical coaching client. Our clients are as varied as the goals they are working towards. Most people want to be better than they are currently. They may want to be performing better at work or in their sport. They may want a better life balance, improved relationships, health or fitness. They may want help with managing change.

Many people know what they need to achieve in order to improve but aren’t sure ‘how ’ to go about making it happen. This is where a coach can help. We can help identify the barriers and find ways around them or through them to reach the desired outcome.

What do people usually work on with a coach?

The range of things a coach works on is very wide and varied because everyone’s needs are different and require individualised attention. Some broad areas of coaching may include:

  • Increased performance in both work and sport
  • Health and fitness
  • Financial goal setting
  • Business development
  • Leadership skill development
  • Creative expression
  • Self esteem
  • Time management
  • Skill development
  • Relationships
  • Academic achievement
  • Change management (personal/work)
  • Crisis management

How long is a coaching session?

Typically each session is about an hour long. However, depending on the individual needs of the client, this can be negotiated to suit their requirements.